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Asakura Jun'ichi

朝倉 純一

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Asakura Jun'ichi朝倉 純一A
Birthday28 December
HairBlack, Short, Straight
EyesBlue, Tareme
BodyPale, Slim, Teen
ClothesCoat, School Uniform, Shirt, Towel
PersonalityAltruistic, Kind, Lazy
RoleClassmate, Cousin, Friend, Magician, Middle School Student, Non-blood-related Brother, Psychic
Engages inMassage
Subject ofArranged Marriage, Teasing
Visual novelsProtagonist - Archimedes no Wasuremono
Protagonist - D.C. ~Da Capo~
Protagonist - D.C. ~Da Capo~ Seasons
Protagonist - D.C. ~Da Capo~ Onsen Hen
Protagonist - C.D. Christmas Days ~Circus Disc Christmas Days~
Protagonist - D.C.P.K. ~Da CaPoker~
Protagonist - C.D.C.D.2
Protagonist - D.C.I.F. ~Da Capo~ Innocent Finale
Protagonist - Kotori Love Ex P
Protagonist - D.C. Dream X'mas ~Da Capo~ Dream Christmas
Voiced byNoto Mamiko (D.C.P.S (Childhood))


Jun'ichi is the protagonist of Da Capo, whose role the player assumes. While loathing trouble and bother, he seldom turns his back on someone in need. Jun'ichi has the ability to utilize magic, he can create wagashi with magic at the dispense of calorie, as taught to him by him and Sakura's grandmother. Like other characters, Jun'ichi is affected by the unwilting sakura tree, from which he gained his power to observe the dreams of other characters.

Other instances

Asakura Jun'ichi朝倉 純一A
MeasurementsHeight: 168cm, Weight: 61kg
Birthday28 December
HairGrey, Short
EyesBrown, Hosome
BodyOld, Pale
ClothesGlasses, Shirt, Sweater, Trousers
PersonalityAltruistic, Kind
RoleCousin, Grandfather, Magician
Engages in (Sexual)Not Sexually Involved
Visual novelsMakes an appearance - D.C. II ~Da Capo II~
Makes an appearance - D.C. Girl's Symphony ~Da Capo Girl's Symphony~
Side character - D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ To You - Side Episodes
Voiced byKiryuu Daichi


Jun'ichi was the protagonist of D.C.I. Now he is an old man and doesn't participate in the story of Da Capo II almost at all. He can still create Japanese sweets and still hasn't gotten rid of his habit of saying "What a pain in the neck." Jun'ichi has a pair of granddaughters, Otome and Yume. He is willing to do anything for the sake of their happiness.