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Rindou Honoka

竜胆 ほのか

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Rindou Honoka竜胆 ほのか
MeasurementsHeight: 158cm, Bust-Waist-Hips: 88-56-85cm, F cup
HairAhoge, Brown, Parted in Middle, Side Tail, Sidehair, Tiny Braid, Twin Braids, Waist Length+
EyesRed, Tareme
BodyBig Breasts, Pale, Slim, Teen
ClothesAnkle Socks, Ankle-Strap Shoes, Beret, Bikini, Blouse, Clothing with Ribbons, Detached Sleeves, Knee-high Socks, Lace Garter Belt Stockings, Loafers, Necktie, Patterned Garter Belt Stockings, Ribbon Hair Tie, Ribbon Tie, Sailor School Uniform, Towel
ItemsMobile Phone
PersonalityDesu, Energetic, Naive, Outgoing, Romantic
RoleChildhood Friend, European, Kouhai, Magician, Multilingual, Ojousama, Student Council President, Tenth Grader
Engages inDuel, Fighting, Henshin, Swimming
Subject ofBridal Carry, Piggyback Ride
Visual novelsMain character - Wizards Complex
Voiced byHaruno Iroha


Hobbies: Tea parties
Skills: Being multilingual (4 languages)
Weakness: Crowds

A first-year student and the current student council president of the east tower, who is also Kazuha's childhood friend. She is from a prestigious European magician family, with her father working all around the world. Honoka uses flame magic and is one of the most talented users of her generation. Before being elected, Mao was the former next student council president.

A very energetic and bright girl who is always smiling like the sun itself. She loves being with people and meeting with new ones as well. She has a habit of yelling "C'est Super!" (lit. that's great! in French). Due to her prestigious background, Honoka is quite naive and often dreams about the "childish" kind of love - in other words, waiting for her own Prince Charming.