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c40233.262020-03-28 at 18:28egotisticissuesSeguchi Sayawrong tag usage
c40233.252020-03-28 at 15:33egotisticissuesSeguchi Sayatraits from v20003
c40233.242019-09-28 at 01:14vertisSeguchi Sayatraits
c40233.232019-06-26 at 17:15traumatizerSeguchi Saya+1
c40233.222018-10-28 at 20:11dk382Seguchi Sayaappropriate cup size. For anything between AA and E+, only use if there is a reliable official source.
c40233.212018-10-28 at 20:06dk382Seguchi Sayaseriously, now.
c40233.202018-09-05 at 13:09marcoSeguchi Saya+1
c40233.192017-08-04 at 11:18traumatizerSeguchi Sayasome traits
c40233.182017-03-22 at 01:36stickyfingersSeguchi Sayatraits
c40233.172017-03-03 at 23:27eswarvfSeguchi Sayaadd
c40233.162017-01-26 at 13:52cornettomanSeguchi SayaAdding relation
c40233.152016-09-15 at 09:19jaylcsSeguchi Sayaranking?
c40233.142016-07-12 at 15:43wakaranaiSeguchi Sayai730: don't use it for characters who have naked sprites/tachies on rare occasions like sexual scenes
c40233.132016-07-11 at 08:16traumatizerSeguchi SayaWhoops
c40233.122016-07-11 at 08:16traumatizerSeguchi Sayais this girl a futanari? 'cause it doesn't seem like so! :P
c40233.112016-07-11 at 03:18baca130Seguchi Saya..
c40233.102016-07-11 at 03:09baca130Seguchi Saya..
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