Edit history of Kudou Kanae

c4026.162019-10-29 at 22:22darkness-weaverKudou KanaeGakuran
c4026.152019-05-27 at 19:41animedubamericaKudou KanaeRevert back if wrong
c4026.142016-06-18 at 16:35parfaitKudou Kanaekotori's osananajimi
c4026.132015-06-11 at 15:47traumatizerKudou Kanaeclarification
c4026.122015-01-21 at 07:07multiKudou KanaeRemoving deleted traits.
c4026.112013-03-10 at 04:15silenceKudou KanaeRevised with regards to the tits... Err, I mean, to female instance ;-)
c4026.102013-03-07 at 13:34silenceKudou Kanaerelation
c4026.92012-09-25 at 13:49silenceKudou Kanae^_^
c4026.82012-09-11 at 12:31silenceKudou KanaeBla bla bla
c4026.72012-09-08 at 12:22silenceKudou KanaeTraits added. Too much of identical releases. It ruins the view of character's profile.
c4026.62012-08-25 at 16:32silenceKudou KanaePicture replaced with sprite
c4026.52012-08-17 at 01:51horsebandKudou KanaeSpoiler tagged traits and description
c4026.42012-08-17 at 01:47horsebandKudou KanaeSee t58 for further information. Switched all the releases to main character to fall in line with other characters that have the same tag. Gender
c4026.32012-05-04 at 15:08atlantimaKudou Kanaetraits
c4026.22012-02-08 at 06:57jofori89Kudou Kanaechange role
c4026.12012-02-08 at 06:55jofori89Kudou KanaeAdd Kodou Kanae