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Wan Zi-Jin

萬 子衿

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Wan Zi-JinSafe / Tame (14)
Wan Zi-Jin萬 子衿
HairBrown, Stubble
PersonalityBrave, Daughter Complex, Kind, Misogynist, Money Lover, Pretending, Rude
RoleExecutive, Father, Friend, Merchant, Shopkeeper, Single Parent, Taiwanese, Wealthy
Engages inDrinking
Visual novelsMain character - Wuyue Moli Episode 01 - Hewei Shen?


A successful Taiwanese merchant who owns a fabric factory in Indonesia. He was Yu-Cheng's best friend in high school. Knowing his best friend has been pushed into the corner, he offered a position in his factory. Zi-Jin is generous and bold while attentive. Though he pretends to put money before everything, he actually has a kind heart.

Yu-Qing is his daughter.

"Once you got rich... power, peace, equality, and freedom... there's nothing that can't be bought."

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