Morishima Taisuke

森嶋 泰介

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Morishima Taisuke森嶋 泰介 
Clothes, Lab Coat
Personality, Pervert, Sly
Role, Coworker, Dominant Partner, Medical Doctor, Villain
Engages in, Blackmail, Drugging, Molesting, Non-consensual Porn Filming, Rape, Sadism, Sexual Harassment
Subject of, Avoidable Death, Homicide
Engages in (Sexual), Anal Fingering, Bathroom Sex, Discreet Sex, Sex in Public Places, Sex Involving Smegma, Sitting Sex, Spit-roast, Standing Sex, Tominagi, Voyeurism
Subject of (Sexual), Blowjob, Boobjob, Deepthroat
Visual novelsProtagonist - Hitozuma Nurse no Inraku Karte


A 50-year-old veteran doctor and the Vice President of the Nubokyo University Hospital. Likes to sexual harass young nurses.
He holds the Head Nurse Yumi in deep contempt, and dreams to disgrace her body.