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Claudia Azure


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Claudia Azureクラウディア・アズール
HairGrey, Shoulder-length, Spiky Bangs, Straight
BodyOlive, Slim
ClothesBracer, Cape, Evening Gloves, Ribbon Hair Accessory
Visual novelsMain character - Dungeon of Regalias ~Haitoku no Miyako Ishgalia~
Voiced byAoi Tokio


The sole survivor of the royal family of the kingdom of Azure which was vanquished by its neighbour Kandona. Claudia was taken prisoner in the battle for the capital and forced to fight in the arena of Ishgalia, only to emerge triumphant in the periodic gladiator tournaments and earn the title of "Champion" which granted her the same rights as a citizen of the city and in so doing allowing her freedom to take on adventurer commissions with Edna.

Although no longer a princess, Claudia's manner and demeanour have changed little since the fall of Azure and she commands respect from all around her.

She has an immense capacity for alcohol and has no qualms moving around in her gladiator's outfit outside of the arena.