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Kongouji Ryuuki

金剛寺 竜輝

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Kongouji RyuukiSafe / Tame (14)
Kongouji Ryuuki金剛寺 竜輝
MeasurementsHeight: 184cm
HairBlond, Curtained, Short, Stubble
ClothesNecktie, Pendant Necklace, Suit
PersonalityConfident, Ore
Visual novelsMain character - Reijou Tantei ~Office Love Jikenbo~
Voiced bySuwabe Jun'ichi


Department: Company President
First Impression: Insensitive, Overconfident, Ill-tempered, Cold-blooded

The third president of a big company.
Because of his fathers death he has only recently quickly taken over.
Because of his quick wits many of the old guard in management feel threatened by him, but he wont stand any trouble from them.
On the other hand because of his great charisma he is admired by the talented young workers.
He's overbearing and confident in himself so it's easy for others to be in opposition to him, but so far he's avoided complaints.
He's broadminded though, and those he considers friends he will protect at all costs.