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Sakurazawa Haruka

桜沢 はるか

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Sakurazawa Haruka桜沢 はるか
HairBraid, Green, Waist Length+
BodyKid, Small Breast Sizes
ClothesDress, Glasses, Ribbon Hair Tie
PersonalityOtaku, Serious, Shy
Engages inCosplay
Visual novelsMain character - Daisuki na Sensei ni H na Onedari Shichau Omase na Boku no / Watashi no Puni Puni
Voiced byAsano Maria


The shy yet serious class president. Even though she's an honor student, Haruka is also an otaku, who likes to cosplay and has even been trying to draw her own manga. Because of this she's neglected her studies lately, and her grades have dropped.