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MeasurementsHeight: 164cm, Weight: 51kg
Hair, Blue
Eyes, Blue
Body, Average Height
Clothes, Cravat, School Uniform
Personality, Manipulative
Role, Dog, Hellhound, High School Student, Servant
Visual novelsMain character - Dance with Devils
Main character - Dance with Devils My Carol
Voiced bySuzuki Tatsuhisa


Roen is the loyal servant and watchdog of Lord Maksis, and previously the pet of Rem Kaginuki.

He is strongly devoted to Maksis.

As a dog, Roen is rather laid-back, often resting on the student council's couch. While rarely interacting with the student council, he and Shiki have extremely hostile interactions, to the point where Roen's repeatedly shown disdain towards Shiki by biting and growling at him without second thoughts. While in this form, he enjoys having Ritsuka pet him.

Despite his amicable appearance, Roen is very manipulative and deceptive, taking on the appearance of a desperate, dismissed dog after Maksis' fall by the hands of the Arlond family head, and went into the family as an apparent servant, even accompanying Rem for the grand majority of his day at school.