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Albert Macdgul


Albert Macdgul
Albert Macdgulアルバート・マクドガル 
MeasurementsHeight: 180cm, Weight: 70kg
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Brown
Body, Young-adult
Clothes, Jacket, Trousers, T-shirt
Personality, Ambitious, Funny, Mischievous, Pervert, Rude, Smart, Womanizer
Role, Boyfriend, Journalist
Engages in, Flirting, Investigation
Visual novelsProtagonist - DESIRE - Haitoku no Rasen
Voiced byNakahara Shigeru (Complete Edition)
Tsukui Kyousei (Console version)


24 years old. A reporter that came to Desire to investigate the research being conducted, and to investigate rumors about Professor Stella. He's the first reporter that has been allowed on the island. Sometimes he goes by Al, and he is excited to see his girlfriend Makoto, whom works on the island, after a month away from her.