Edit history of Aki Ishikawa

c42481.62019-07-16 at 16:54yorhelAki IshikawaDoesn't appear in the demo? Don't need a separate release indicator for that.
c42481.52016-10-05 at 09:20moonlightbomberAki IshikawaAdded official Japanese name, as indicated on the characters page of the official site.
c42481.42016-06-15 at 09:38igrasil-studioAki Ishikawaupdate
c42481.32016-04-08 at 19:46parfaitAki Ishikawa+traits
c42481.22016-02-08 at 21:25igrasil-studioAki IshikawaAlliases 秋,
c42481.12016-01-12 at 10:52igrasil-studioAki IshikawaV1