Yoda Shigetora

興田 重虎

Yoda Shigetora
Yoda Shigetora興田 重虎 
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Black
Body, Adult
Personality, Serious
Role, Management
Visual novelsSide character - Blackish House
Voiced byKuroda Takaya


Flaw: His face itself is a weapon

‘All of you do understand the situation you’re in, right?’

A very capable manager who works for SeiGetsu production. While he treats all the talents in the company very strictly, can be harsh with his words, and his scary face makes him seem like a violent person, he is actually very serious, honest, polite and generally a warm person. He loves animals more than anything else, and often spoils his pet bunny, Youda. In truth, he has a complex about his scary face.

[From Rie's Otoge Blog]