Agilis Flannel Rodoria


Agilis Flannel Rodoria
Agilis Flannel Rodoriaアギリス・フランネル=ロードリア 
Hair, Beard, Red, Shoulder-length, Slicked Back
Eyes, Hosome
Body, Adult, Horns, Muscular, Olive, Pointed Ears, Reptilian Tail, Scar
Clothes, Half-naked
Personality, Cold-hearted, Confident, Cruel, Honorable, Loner
Role, Dragon, Father, King, Villain
Engages in, Fighting, Mass Murder, Shapeshifting
Subject of, Death
Engages in (Sexual), Not Sexually Involved
Visual novelsSide character - Venus Blood -Abyss-
Voiced bySuzumiya Nayuta


Hell king of Rodoria, a pure fire dragon and father of Shanan. While respecting the previous demon lord of Gurizani and their non-aggression treaty, he is conquering the rest of the demon world and mercilessly killing anyone who oppose him with his incredible power. An absolute ruler.