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Leo Shishigami

レオ 獅子神

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Leo Shishigamiレオ 獅子神O
Aliases獅子神航太郎, Shishigami Koutarou
Birthday5 May
HairOrange, Shoulder-length, Spiky
ClothesNecktie, Shirt
PersonalityAltruistic, Blunt, Charismatic, Confident, Friendly, Incorruptible, Proactive, Relaxed, Sharp-tongued, Sly, Womanizer
RoleBodyguard, Mafia, Soldier
Engages inDriving, Fighting, Flirting, Seduction, Smoking, Unarmed Fighting
Subject ofDisappointment
Visual novelsProtagonist - Rose Guns Days


He's a legendary man, Leo.
In brawls, with guns, even runnin' his mouth, there's no one better.
However, it's his seduction of women that makes him famous.
He'd see a woman and put the moves on her right there without giving a thought to anyone.
I also have memories of those advances... hehe.
He smelled of danger, that charming man.
The war was supposed to have ended in 44. The repatriation ship went down on a sea mine, and after drifting ashore, he caused a misunderstanding, like he had wanted to get thrown in the internment camp. So he came back to Japan 3 years later, in 47.
His own country had completely changed, and it had certainly become a confusing place.
He left the repatriation office with no address, no place to go to.
It was then he chanced to meet Rose. That is surely where it all began.

[From the official website; translated by Tamekichi]