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Rose Haibara

ローズ 灰原

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Rose Haibaraローズ 灰原A
AliasesMadam Rose, 灰原美咲, Haibara Misaki
Birthday25 August
HairBrown, Long
ClothesDress, Pendant Necklace
PersonalityAltruistic, Ambitious, Charismatic, Idealist, Kind
RoleExecutive, Mafia, Management, Pimp
Visual novelsProtagonist - Rose Guns Days


She's the real founding Madame of Primavera, Rose.
However, at some point in 47, she was forced into the role of peacemaker for the Women of the Night.
She's kind and fair to everyone. She's very serious and doesn't doubt a thing, the sweetheart.
She lacked dignity before being a Madame, but everyone was in love with her for that reason.
As a woman, she was beautiful in a sweet way. As a Woman of the Night, well, maybe that disqualifies her.
Hers is a fleeting beauty, just like that of freshly fallen snow. As such, no man lays a finger on anyone.

[From the official website; translated by Tamekichi]