Edit history of Luka

c4311.302022-07-04 at 13:01MidiruLuka+4
c4311.292022-07-01 at 23:02MidiruLuka+4 traits
c4311.282022-07-01 at 16:11MidiruLuka+H traits and other
c4311.272022-06-30 at 23:55MidiruLuka+3 traits -1 deleted
c4311.262022-06-30 at 20:59MidiruLuka2 H traits
c4311.252021-12-28 at 21:48urmomLukaTrait
c4311.242020-03-20 at 22:33rampaaLuka+1
c4311.232019-05-28 at 04:58geddanofLukansfw role
c4311.222019-05-28 at 03:45geddanofLukaminor role
c4311.212019-02-21 at 22:44geddanofLukaEngage in, Body
c4311.202017-09-27 at 18:31beliarLukaUsing the new "anal birth" trait. :-) Happens if the battle with Beelzebub is lost.
c4311.192017-08-04 at 00:43seraphicLukaAdded Luka to 2nd Paradox game
c4311.182016-07-11 at 09:01thewayfarerLukaFirst character to use this new trait
c4311.172015-07-08 at 11:13hoegaarden13Lukaupdate
c4311.162015-07-02 at 02:28takataLukaUse new character instances for Paradox since the story and universe seems to be entirely different.
c4311.152015-03-22 at 10:18ozzy88LukaAdded Luka to Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG.
c4311.142014-04-07 at 23:22barashkaLukaIn the second chapter Ladies Village
c4311.132014-04-07 at 23:21barashkaLukaIn the second chapter Ladies Village
c4311.122013-07-27 at 16:29takataLukaadding "sex with monsters" since more than half of the monsters in the game fit the trait description; this seems to nullify the need for a spoiler
c4311.112013-07-27 at 01:02takataLukaseems more like a cape since it's not really covering his front; not sure about adding "sex with monsters" since Alice doesn't seem to fit the
c4311.102013-02-24 at 18:21madekingLukaadded as protag for part 3
c4311.92012-10-07 at 06:48takataLukaAdded original name.
c4311.82012-09-30 at 04:50takataLukaAdded trait. Minor spoiler like for Alice.
c4311.72012-04-02 at 04:27exsulLukaadded trait
c4311.62012-04-02 at 04:12exsulLukaadded traits & relation
c4311.52012-02-27 at 01:27sabergerLukatrait
c4311.42012-02-27 at 01:26sabergerLukaadd traits
c4311.32012-02-27 at 01:23sabergerLukaNo perversion here
c4311.22012-02-27 at 00:39josephatwLukaimage from the second VN.
c4311.12012-02-27 at 00:38josephatwLukaAll info is from the English visual novel.