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c43242.162019-11-22 at 14:55krykryAmatsu SashaBoth a clone and selfcest in a way. Her body is a copy of protag's, just female.
c43242.152019-11-02 at 10:40multiAmatsu SashaAutomatic extraction of cup size field from the description.
c43242.142017-06-01 at 13:394396Amatsu Sashaimg
c43242.132016-10-04 at 22:52sai30Amatsu Sashaadd
c43242.122016-10-02 at 18:38krykryAmatsu SashaAdded some additional traits.
c43242.112016-09-03 at 21:01sai30Amatsu Sashaadd
c43242.102016-07-01 at 12:13praxisAmatsu SashaBrocon
c43242.92016-06-04 at 07:03vyseinglebardAmatsu Sashacup size
c43242.82016-05-25 at 06:21wakaranaiAmatsu Sashadesc
c43242.72016-05-25 at 06:21wakaranaiAmatsu SashaReverted to revision c43242.5, new img has awful aliasing
c43242.62016-05-25 at 06:13weilaiAmatsu Sasha..
c43242.52016-05-25 at 06:00hnnynAmatsu Sasha..
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c43242.32016-05-24 at 22:38weilaiAmatsu Sasha..
c43242.22016-04-08 at 23:27niyariAmatsu Sashacorrected romaji
c43242.12016-02-03 at 21:25weilaiTento Sashanew