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Sakura Ichika

佐倉 一果

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Sakura Ichika佐倉 一果
HairBlond, Long, Wavy
BodyPale, Slim, Teen
ClothesPleated Skirt, School Uniform, Skirt, Slippers
PersonalityBlunt, Kind, Proactive, Relaxed, Serious, Stubborn, Watashi
RoleHigh School Student, Homosexual, Older Sister, Student Council Member, Twin Sister
Subject ofFlirting
Visual novelsProtagonist - Tsui Yuri ~Okaa-san ni wa Naisho da yo~
Voiced byTachibana Mao


"You can’t tell anyone else about us kissing and sleeping together, okay? It’s our little secret."

A kind, responsible girl with endless patience, Ichika is an exemplary student and a member of the Student Council. More down-to-earth than Futaba, she tends to stubbornly consider only the facts rather than consulting her feelings when making decisions.

Taking care of Futaba has long since become part of Ichika's daily routine, and the sight of Futaba's smile is always enough to make Ichika smile in return.

Although Futaba and Ichika are twins, Ichika sees herself as the older sister. Since she mostly acts on logic rather than her own feelings, she has trouble facing her love for Futaba.

Ichika has secretly been fretting that, even though she and Futaba are twins, they won’t be able to stay together forever, so her mother's warning sets Ichika on a path of distancing herself from Futaba.

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