Matsuno Choromatsu

松野 チョロ松

Matsuno Choromatsu
Matsuno Choromatsu松野 チョロ松 
Hair, Black, Bowl Cut
Eyes, Black, Sanpaku Eyes
Body, Pale
Clothes, Suit
Personality, Ore, Otaku
Role, Middle Brother, Tsukkomi, Twin Brother
Visual novelsMain character - Osomatsu-san The Game: Hachamecha Shuushoku Advice -Dead or Work-
Voiced byKamiya Hiroshi


The third brother. Since he is the only one among the sextuplets with common sense he often plays the tsukkomi role, but that doesn't prevent him from joining in on his brothers oddities now and then. He really likes cute girls and idols. His distinguishing feature is his angular mouth and he often dresses in green.