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Aliases結城 琉久, Yuuki Riku
MeasurementsHeight: 156cm, Weight: 45kg
Birthday27 October
HairAhoge, Braid, Brown, Long
BodyBat Wings, Olive, Pointed Ears, Trap
ClothesFingerless Gloves
Visual novelsMain character - Period Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~
Voiced byHanae Natsuki


Faction: Demon
Race: Hellion
Occupation: Mage
Reality: 2nd-year junior high student
Hobby: Games
Specialty: Fake Smiles
Favorite Food: Curry Rice
Dislikes: Melons (as a sympathy gift)

"This is just one of those times when we gotta help each other. Right?"

A young, mischievously charming Hellion.

In Arcadia, she wields her charm to get equipment and money from all sorts of people. After learning that Kazuha is the “Almighty,” she sticks by Kazuha’s side in attempt to use her to her advantage.

In real life, she is actually a boy in junior high who is chronically hospitalized. Self-deprecating and warped, he has no hesitation in using others to compensate for his ill health. Seeing anyone having fun annoys him.

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