Sawamoto Miwako

澤本 美和子

Sawamoto Miwako
Sawamoto Miwako澤本 美和子 
MeasurementsHeight: 170cm
Hair, Curtained, No Bangs, Parted to Side, Shoulder-length, White
Eyes, Blue
Body, Adult, Average Height, E+ Cup, Makeup, Pale
Clothes, Bondage Harness, Court Shoes, High Heels, Pantyhose, Skirt Suit
Role, Commander, Divorcee, Mother, Police
Engages in, Planning
Engages in (Sexual), Ahegao, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian Sex, Twin Boobjob
Subject of (Sexual), Cunnilingus, Nipple Sucking, Twin Blowjob, Visible Cervix Penetration, X-Cross
Visual novelsMain character - Koukaku no Ai ~Senzai Ishiki e no Mesubuta Kokuin~
Voiced byArigatou


Age 44. Chief of Section 9 of the Ministry of Interior Countermeasure Pact. A beautiful woman who doesn't look her age, Miwako is the chief of operations at matters involving countering international organized crime. A former bureaucrat of the Ministry of Defense, she is responsible for contributing to arming the police force with high tech weaponry. Her leadership has shown such effectiveness at reducing organized criminal activity that it has made her a target of a number of assassination attempts. Her prevalence despite this has earned her the nickname of "The Iron Lady".

Miwako is also the protagonist Ai's biological mother. She possesses a different family name because she divorced soon after giving birth to Ai, and because of this there is some distance in the relationship between mother and daughter. Nonetheless, she shows affection to Ai in her own way, such as arming Ai with the latest technology in nanotech armaments.