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c45.132018-04-04 at 17:05yorhelCasterv21656.40
c45.122017-10-25 at 21:18seniorblitzCasterAdded trait (She engages in it during one of the interludes)
c45.112017-10-25 at 04:49canicheslayerCaster+3
c45.102017-08-23 at 02:29girlplayerCasterfgo
c45.92017-07-06 at 16:19wakaranaiCastersee c15.38
c45.82017-07-04 at 01:16galtosk1CasterImage + traits
c45.72015-09-21 at 16:32wakaranaiCasterremoved v9343
c45.62014-07-22 at 04:50tyciolCastermain char
c45.52013-01-08 at 19:11overmageCasterCaster dies in all 3 routes.
c45.42012-02-15 at 15:09karomiCasterand more
c45.32011-04-25 at 23:43echomateriaCastertrait change (trait repurpose fix)
c45.22011-04-01 at 12:01echomateriaCasterhid the dagger too
c45.12011-04-01 at 12:01echomateriaCasteradded character