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c450.82019-04-18 at 10:31wakaranaiSomia Alsternot a spoiler
c450.72016-10-28 at 05:19hko2006Somia Alsteraliases
c450.62015-01-21 at 07:07multiSomia AlsterRemoving deleted traits.
c450.52013-06-10 at 03:08kazuto-samaSomia Alsteradd trait
c450.42011-05-26 at 16:42nachtwandlerSomia AlsterIt would be more correct
c450.32011-05-23 at 11:06nachtwandlerSomia AlsterTrait+
c450.22011-05-23 at 10:29nachtwandlerSomia AlsterEpilogue traits. Forgert about them
c450.12011-05-23 at 10:15nachtwandlerSomia AlsterSomia added