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c4522.172017-09-17 at 16:56gaazManami NatsumiTraits
c4522.162015-05-13 at 01:13vrykolakasManami NatsumiAdded class, skill and traits
c4522.152015-01-21 at 07:07multiManami NatsumiRemoving deleted traits.
c4522.142013-05-30 at 23:06binfujiwaraManami Natsumisummary
c4522.132013-05-30 at 22:50binfujiwaraManami Natsumisummary
c4522.122013-05-30 at 22:40binfujiwaraManami Natsumiimage
c4522.112013-05-30 at 22:39binfujiwaraManami Natsumiimage
c4522.102013-05-30 at 22:39binfujiwaraManami Natsumiimage
c4522.92013-05-30 at 22:38binfujiwaraManami Natsumiimage
c4522.82013-05-30 at 22:37binfujiwaraManami Natsumiimage, traits
c4522.72013-03-27 at 21:58sadiqyvManami NatsumiAdded - Sexual / Virgin Sex
c4522.62012-11-09 at 03:57barfboyManami Natsumiinbreeding
c4522.52012-03-06 at 16:38barfboyManami Natsumihairpin is a trait apparently
c4522.42012-03-06 at 15:30barfboyManami NatsumiI don't like calling her a bit dumb, she doesn't act dumb.
c4522.32012-03-06 at 07:10barfboyManami Natsuminoticed some spoilers in tags, thought i should add them to traits too
c4522.22012-03-06 at 05:47barfboyManami Natsumiteen
c4522.12012-03-06 at 03:55barfboyManami Natsumiadding main heroine