Edit history of Akiyama Midori

c45299.52019-08-07 at 19:40bobjr2000Akiyama MidoriAndrogynous is high degree of masculine and feminine traits. We don't know all her traits, only thing stopping her from just being female is lack of
c45299.42019-04-13 at 03:13animedubamericaAkiyama MidoriAfter you yelled at me, you forgot to add back the Androgynous trait. It was there before I listed her as a reverse-trap, which was a pretty silly
c45299.32017-06-19 at 17:06beliarAkiyama MidoriReverted to revision c45299.1 I have already admonished you once for adding traits based on your subjective opinion. The traits that do not pertain
c45299.22017-06-19 at 16:09animedubamericaAkiyama MidoriShe looks very masculine to me. If it wasn't for the female symbol I would have that she was a guy. But of course thats my opinion again.
c45299.12016-03-22 at 17:08jetfighterAkiyama Midoriadded character