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Damon Hosecho


Damon Hosecho
Damon Hosechoダモン・ホセチョ 
Visual novelsSide character - Sankai Ou no Yubiwa
Voiced byFuji Bakuhatsu


The chief of a minor pirate gang operating in the Laroush region, his joy at discovering one of the rings is short-lived when Sonja appears and hijacks his ship and crew. He is transformed into a pink organism by Sonja to serve as her guide to the locality and to prevent his escape; his only hope of regaining his human form is for Sonja to assemble all of the rings whence she will release him from his enchantment.

Damon is a womaniser and is faithful to his desire for female companionship; this remains unchanged despite his enchantment. When the red moon is full, Sonja temporarily releases the enchantment changing his appearance which temporarily restores him to human form until daylight.