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Kadokura Kou

門倉 甲

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Kadokura Kou門倉 甲B
MeasurementsHeight: 174cm, Weight: 64kg
Birthday7 March
HairBrown, Shaggy, Short
BodyPale, Slim, Teen, Young-adult
ClothesBelt, Coat, Necktie, School Uniform, Shirt, Trousers, Uniform
PersonalityAtheist, Emotional, Ore, Proactive, Protective, Stubborn
RoleCousin, Friend, Hacker, Half-orphan, Lieutenant, Mecha Pilot, Mercenary, Nephew, Popular, Son, Student, Teammate
Engages inBridal Carry, Daydreaming, Drinking, Fighting, Investigation, Planning
Subject ofAmnesia, Bridal Carry, Fainting, Headache, Hospitalization, Injury
Visual novelsProtagonist - Baldr Sky Core Defender
Protagonist - Baldr Sky Dive1 "Lost Memory"
Protagonist - Baldr Sky Dive2 "Recordare"
Protagonist - Baldr Sky DiveX "Dream World"
Voiced byYamashita Kazuma


The protagonist of the story. A free mercenary and an excellent Simulacrum pilot. Kou has been chasing after the the truth behind the incident known as "Gray Christmas", in which his town and school was razed, but loses parts of his memory at the beginning of the story.

He pilots the Simulacrum "Shadow Wolf".

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