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Renoir Theron


Renoir Theron
Renoir Theronルナール=セロン 
Hair, Green, Ponytail
Eyes, Green
Body, Average Height, Slim, Teen
Clothes, Kimono
Items, Dagger
Personality, Carefree, Naive, Stubborn
Role, Betrothed, Gang Leader
Engages in, Assault, Fighting
Visual novelsMain character - Castle Fantasia ~Seima Taisen~


The head of a band of thieves that captures the seventh holy knight corps. After her hideout is discovered, she joins the seventh holy knight corps. She is seen in the bath naked by Hewie, and decides that they will be married. Calls Cecile "lobster", and Hewie "Hew-pon" ("Hewie-pewie" in the translation).
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