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Ciarán Endyein

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Ciarán Endyein 
Clothes, Glasses
Items, Notebook, Pen
Personality, Cynic, Dishonest, Funny, Immature, Otaku
Role, Comedian, High School Student, Writer
Engages in, Sarcasm
Subject of
Visual novelsProtagonist - One Thousand Lies


Protagonist of the story, a normal guy in his last year of high school. Ciarán is satirical and sarcastic with a great tendency to make real big lies nobody would ever believe. Always acts like he hates everyone, but since he jokes about everything nobody take it seriously, especially considering he can be surprisingly childish from time to time. He can never say no to a bet, what makes some people think he has a gambling addiction, and he's always writing something in a small notebook he takes everywhere that nobody knows of its contents.