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Okazaki Tomoya

岡崎 朋也

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Okazaki Tomoya岡崎 朋也A
MeasurementsHeight: 173cm, Weight: 61kg
Birthday30 October
HairBlue, Short
BodyPale, Teen
ClothesBaseball Glove, School Uniform
ItemsBaseball Bat
PersonalityCynic, Funny, Lazy, Mischievous, Ore, Outgoing, Rude, Sharp-tongued, Stoic
RoleClassmate, Delinquent, Half-orphan, High School Student, Nameable, Roommate, Son
Engages inBaseball, Cleaning, Sarcasm, Skipping School, Teasing, Unarmed Fighting
Visual novelsProtagonist - Clannad
Main character - Clannad - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de
Voiced byNojima Kenji


Clannad's leading protagonist; Tomoya is often labeled a delinquent at Hikarizaka High School as a result of his regular tardiness. Due to his mother dying in a car crash when he was young, Tomoya lives with his father with whom he argues incessantly. Despite his emotionally-disconnected demeanor and rude social tendencies, he is actually kindhearted and loyal to others. While walking to school one morning, Tomoya's life changes when he meets a girl by the name of Nagisa Furukawa.

[Taken from the English Official Website]