Edit history of Misa

c45947.72018-11-06 at 02:49ferustachiMisaAdded a few traits, switched out taciturn for silent.
c45947.62018-11-06 at 01:13ferustachiMisa+8
c45947.52018-04-06 at 19:31oifunzaMisaAdded a trait (according to the game text and sprite).
c45947.42018-04-06 at 19:15oifunzaMisaAdded a trait.
c45947.32018-04-06 at 19:01oifunzaMisaAdded a description.
c45947.22018-04-06 at 18:54oifunzaMisaAdded an image (taken from official website).
c45947.12016-04-14 at 19:24haddockMisaSeen in ss