Nozaki Hiroya

野崎 博也

Nozaki Hiroya
Nozaki Hiroya野崎 博也 
Clothes, Glasses, Necktie, Shirt
Personality, Arrogant, Boku, Envious
Role, Office Worker
Engages in, Rape Attempt
Subject of, Turndown
Engages in (Sexual), Cunnilingus, Group Sex, Missionary, Pregnant Sex, Sex with Others
Visual novelsSide character - Tsumamigui 3


A friend and classmate of Kazuto and Miyuri since their college days. He confessed to Miyuri back when they were students, but was rejected. Even until now, his feelings haven't changed, and he's still aiming for Miyuri. Works at the same company as Kazuto, and is an elite employee.

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