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c4662.62018-02-08 at 23:03delusionparadoxSeira OrgelNecessary addition to NoAH's page
c4662.52015-11-21 at 18:36traumatizerSeira Orgeltraits
c4662.42015-01-28 at 17:54traumatizerSeira Orgelremoved 'voiced by'
c4662.32015-01-05 at 08:14bless3201Seira OrgelSeira Orgel's Voice Actor
c4662.22013-09-30 at 12:10binfujiwaraSeira OrgelHer hat has a visor, so it's a peaked cap, not a beret.
c4662.12012-03-18 at 20:21hirominSeira OrgelAdded character.