Marianne McCollough

Marianne McCollough
Marianne McCollough 
AliasesMary Anne, Mac, Mint
MeasurementsHeight: 180cm
Birthday14 July
Hair, Black, Curtained, Long, Parted in Middle, Parted to Side, Ponytail
Eyes, Cyan
Body, Pale, Tall, Young-adult
Clothes, Blazer, Coat Cape, Cravat, Decorative Belt, Earrings, Gloves, Trousers, Turtleneck Shirt
Personality, Religious, Workaholic
Role, Architect, Bisexual, Friend, Irish, Orphan, Pet Owner
Engages in, Drinking, Moving, Singing
Subject of, Avoidable Death, Confinement, Curse, Grief, Mental Breakdown, Nightmares
Engages in (Sexual), Casual Sex, Drunk Sex
Visual novelsProtagonist - The Letter
Voiced byElsie Lovelock


Career-oriented and all business with a no-nonsense attitude, Marianne is an independent woman who paved her own way through life. Some ask when she'll settle down for Mister Right... but why should she? She's far too busy for that! A famous interior designer among the rich, prominent and powerful, her latest assignment is the Ermengarde Mansion under the Wright couple.

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