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Traits[empty]Hair / Brown (no spoiler)
Hair / Short (no spoiler)
Eyes / Brown (no spoiler)
Clothes / Police Officer Uniform (no spoiler)
Role / Police (no spoiler)

Harvey Lee

Harvey Lee
Harvey Lee 
Hair, Brown, Short
Eyes, Brown
Clothes, Police Officer Uniform
Role, Police
Visual novelsSide character - The Letter
Voiced byJason Marnocha


Someone who believes himself a man of great importance, Harvey can have an inflated ego in comparison to his brothers Norman and Gregor. Because of this, he can be arrogant and obnoxious at the worst of times. There are moments though, that he can honestly be engaging and entertaining, depending on who you ask. It all boils down to the need for approval. These aren’t exactly the best traits to have, being Chief Inspector of a police department. Underneath it all though, he does have a cunning and analytical mind, something which he utilizes for his own gain and the gain of those who he has vested interest in.