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HairBrown, Crew Cut, No Bangs, Short, Straight, Stubble
BodyAdult, Muscular, Pale, Scar
ClothesBreastplate, Gauntlet, Greave, Helmet, Plate Armor, Sabaton, Tassets
ItemsMaul, Sword
RoleNot a Virgin, Warrior
Engages inBreaking the Fourth Wall, Disguise
Visual novelsSide character - Dead Tide - Director's Cut
Main character - Dead Tide 3: Dark Cargo
Main character - Dead Tide V: The One Eyed Terror
Main character - The Artist
Main character - The Chronicles of Gazukull: The Anal Forest
Main character - Underdark Gangbang


A former legionnaire who earned much honor on the battlefield, this strong arm of The Empire is now his own man, seeking fortune and power in the deepest darkest parts of the world. Treasure hunting is work fraught with peril and his experience as a soldier and scout is invaluable in this pursuit. As a man who has committed unspeakable acts of savagery in his life as a soldier, Gazukull nonetheless sticks to a strict personal code of conduct in all his affairs. Not surprisingly, Gazukull's personal code of conduct has no prohibition on fucking anything on two legs. Currently Gazukull supplements his skill set by travelling with the Dark Elf Alia D'Vir.

[From The Anal Forest in-game profile]