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Alia D'Vir

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Alia D'Vir
AliasesAliaysaaria D'Vir
HairBraid, Brown, Bun, Long, Multicolored, Sidehair
BodyPointed Ears, Unnatural Skin Tone
ClothesArm Cuffs, Bikini, Corset, Hood, Knee-high Boots, Short Shorts
RoleElf, Not a Virgin
Engages inDisguise, Drinking
Visual novelsSide character - Dead Tide - Director's Cut
Main character - Dead Tide 3: Dark Cargo
Main character - Dead Tide V: The One Eyed Terror
Main character - The Artist
Main character - The Chronicles of Gazukull: The Anal Forest
Main character - Underdark Gangbang


This capricious native of The Underdark lives the carefree existence of a fortune hunter, travelling the land in search of pleasure, treasure, and adventure. Like all creatures born of Dark Elf blood, she possesses an innate resistance to magic, natural longevity, knowledge of poisons and toxins, and a penchant for orgies and revelry. As a long-lived, well-traveled magic user facing a world wary of Dark Elves, Alia has made her share of enemies over the years. More often than not, Alia's adventures get interrupted by a run-in with a long-standing vendetta or an ex-lover. Currently, Alia is often found travelling with the only human she has ever felt her equal, the warrior Gazukull.

[From The Anal Forest in-game profile]