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c4698.72017-02-19 at 23:36infernoplexShitou Kaori+1 minor spoiler trait
c4698.62017-02-19 at 23:28infernoplexShitou Kaori- Updated the source link in the description - Added new traits (her secondary sprite set shows her with long hair, sunglasses and lots of makeup)
c4698.52015-01-29 at 02:50wakaranaiShitou Kaorifixed kanji.
c4698.42013-10-11 at 13:50binfujiwaraShitou Kaoritraits
c4698.32012-12-21 at 18:40rjmacxShitou KaoriTraits
c4698.22012-12-09 at 14:13sidvanhalenShitou KaoriAdded Voice Actress
c4698.12012-03-19 at 21:40hirominShitou KaoriAdded character.