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Hinohira Aoi

日野 平葵

Hinohira Aoi日野 平葵O
Birthday24 November
HairBlue, Ponytail, Waist Length+
EyesBrown, Tsurime
ClothesBindi (Jewelry), Miko's Dress
RoleMiko, Nameable
Engages inDimensional Travel
Visual novelsProtagonist - Fantastic Fortune 2
Voiced bySonozaki Mie


Affiliation: Knight School
Hobby: Shell Matching Game
Special Skill: Carving
Likes: Flowers
Dislikes: Intrusive People

A miko who uses shikigami's, she was summoned from another world by someone.
Because she has a birthmark of a star on her palm she is also a Star Maiden candidate.
A sharp person who talks in a manly way. She isn't well versed in love and doesn't easily recognize her own feelings.