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Appearance at the very end of mask of deception
Visual novelsv18717 Protagonist (no spoiler)
v18717 Protagonist (no spoiler)
v7721 Makes an appearance (major spoiler)

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HairBrown, Long, Ponytail
ClothesBoots, Cape, Eye Mask, Trousers
ItemsHand Fan, Katana
PersonalityAltruistic, Brave, Cautious, Charismatic, Honorable, Loyal, Mature, Observant, Pragmatic, Pretending, Proactive, Protective, Secretive, Serious, Smart, Soregashi
RoleBodyguard, Brother-in-law, Commander, Famous, Friend, Full Brother, Hero, Master, Non-blood-related Brother, Non-blood-related Son, Older Brother, Orphan, Secret Identity, Slave Owner, Warrior
Engages inArchery, Disguise, Drinking, Fighting, Gambling, Planning, Rebellion, Riding
Subject ofFake Death, Frameup, Insomnia, Massage, Stalking
Visual novelsProtagonist - Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro
Voiced byFujiwara Keiji


To fulfil Oshutoru's aspirations, Haku wears the mask, so that he may act in his friend's stead. He makes use of Oshutoru's status and connections along with his own intelligence in order to put Anju on the imperial throne.