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Okano Makoto

丘野 真

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Okano Makoto丘野 真
Birthday13 April
HairBlack, Short, Straight
BodySlim, Tall (obsolete), Teen
ClothesDress Shoes, School Uniform, Shirt, Trousers
PersonalityDonkan, Ignorant, Proactive, Protective, Relaxed, Strict
RoleChildhood Friend, High School Student, Orphan
Engages inCooking, Shopping, Teasing, Volleyball
Visual novelsProtagonist - Soyokaze no Okurimono -Wind Pleasurable Box-
Protagonist - Wind -A Breath of Heart-
Voiced bySuganuma Hisayoshi


Makoto is impulsive but also compassionate towards the pain of others. He often acts without consideration for the consequences, which garners respect and bewilderment from the methodological Hikari.

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