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Katori Kikuchiyo

鹿取 菊千代

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Katori Kikuchiyo鹿取 菊千代
HairShoulder-length, Violet
BodyAndrogynous, Young-adult
PersonalityOpposite Gender Voiced
Visual novelsMain character - Bakumatsu Renka: Karyuu Kenshiden
Voiced byMinagawa Junko


The self proclaimed 'Japan's Number One Information Seller'. His true background is unknown.|
Knowledgeable about the state of the world, he can talk to just about anyone.
He has a kind demeanor and will lets his guard down around people, but he can suddenly start acting strange around them.
The more you get to know him, the more impossible to understand he will talk.
Skilled with needles, he can do a graceful whirling dance.