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HairSpiky Bangs, White
BodyBig Breast Sizes, Dark, Kemonomimi, Slim, Young-adult
ClothesBell (accessory), Bracelet, Cape, Detached Sleeves, Glasses, Hood, Strapless Leotard, Thigh-high Stockings
ItemsSmoking Pipe
PersonalityCarefree, Kansai-ben, Lazy, Mischievous, Ware
Engages inTeasing
Visual novelsSide character - Ciel Nosurge ~Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta~
Side character - Ar Nosurge ~Umareizuru Hoshi e Inoru Uta~
Voiced byMako
Mako (Japanese)
Michelle Ruff (English (Uncredited))


"Well, that's rude. I'm Nelico, the glamorous, beautiful shopkeeper!"

A mysterious woman who runs the general store near Ion's home.
She groans about being bored at every opportunity, and will always tease Ion if she has the chance.
A happy-go-lucky free spirit, she hates dull things and trouble, basically passing such issues on to others.
She takes pride in her charming ears and in her drop-dead gorgeous body.

[From the English official site]

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