Edit history of Okazaki Tomoya

c476.202020-11-16 at 12:09reichuOkazaki Tomoyatraits
c476.192018-10-07 at 16:12anonymousOkazaki Tomoyathe death trait was added in relation to Tomoyo After, and if Nagisa's death is considered avoidable, then Tomoya's should be too
c476.182018-07-12 at 11:13nekonekogirlOkazaki Tomoyavn
c476.172017-07-08 at 07:02junior345Okazaki Tomoyafixing
c476.162016-04-29 at 10:12novellaOkazaki TomoyaTrait
c476.152016-04-29 at 10:09novellaOkazaki TomoyaAdded traits
c476.142016-04-09 at 05:03berunkaOkazaki TomoyaRemoving all Tomoyo After traits.
c476.132015-12-20 at 02:26freddy30Okazaki Tomoya***
c476.122015-11-28 at 08:46novellaOkazaki TomoyaUpdated description.
c476.112015-11-14 at 06:47traumatizerOkazaki Tomoya+4 new
c476.102015-09-14 at 12:54bayonetOkazaki TomoyaAdded traits
c476.92014-02-03 at 12:50berunkaOkazaki TomoyaI changed image for his sprite in Tomoyo After
c476.82013-12-03 at 12:15myopiusOkazaki TomoyaFixing image back to original (preferring VN art to anime art). Hopefully image ID works.
c476.72013-12-03 at 11:16nokorikazeOkazaki TomoyaThe wrong Image for Okazaki was posted before this; for some reason it was a picture of Tomoyo's younger brother.
c476.62013-12-01 at 03:30huafles1994Okazaki TomoyaI added a image with his face more visible.
c476.52013-11-29 at 02:13huafles1994Okazaki TomoyaAdded sexual traits.
c476.42013-11-24 at 21:41huafles1994Okazaki TomoyaAdded some trait about Tomoyo After
c476.32011-05-25 at 12:09myopiusOkazaki TomoyaIncluded Tomoyo After.
c476.22011-05-25 at 05:13nachtwandlerOkazaki TomoyaHe was nameble in VN. Name Tomoya Okazaki was used if you don't name him
c476.12011-05-25 at 03:05myopiusOkazaki TomoyaAdded Tomoya.