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AliasesKarasuba Hiroya Minato
HairPonytail, Red
ClothesHoodie, Pendant Necklace
Visual novelsMain character - Period Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~
Voiced byUmehara Yuuichirou


Faction: None
Race: Fallen
Occupation: Assassin
Reality: Convenience store clerk
Hobby: Watching the clock
Specialty: Darts
Favorite Food: Pomegranates
Dislikes: Team games

"Hehehe... Great. If it hurts, it's proof that you're alive."

He finds sheer joy in taking lives, Angels’ or Demons’. He lusts after murder and throws out numerous daggers that are hidden inside of his coat. Concealed in the shadows, he waits for his chance to steal Kazuha, but he is also ready to kill her without hesitation if she puts up a fight.

He used to be an Angel, but after becoming trapped in the game world, he began to grow obsessed with killing, and now lives to take the lives of others.
As punishment for killing his own kind, he was stripped of his original status and labeled “Fallen,” a mark that serves as a penalty and proof of being a PK.

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