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c48170.92017-07-22 at 12:04xg70dTanokura MisakoYea, overweight is a bit too much. Very different from plump or chubby. Anyways, the short hair is from (NSFW)after 3 years, not just when it's tied
c48170.82017-07-22 at 11:58skorpiondeathTanokura Misakoand ofc I talked about it but forgot to add it
c48170.72017-07-22 at 11:54skorpiondeathTanokura Misakoi just removed overweight....i'm always unsure about it...she is actually a bit chubby you can tell from her fatty stomach but chubby should be
c48170.62017-07-22 at 11:53skorpiondeathTanokura Misakoshe wears apron normally too, double ahoge=antenna, crotchless lingerie is lace, nipple teasers for the pregnant nipple pump lactation scene. No need
c48170.52017-07-22 at 10:40xg70dTanokura Misakodamn, keep forgetting something. added another trait.
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