Prototype L7NN

Prototype L7NN
Prototype L7NN 
Hair, Short, Spiky Bangs, Violet
Eyes, Blue
Clothes, Collar, T-shirt
Personality, Arrogant, Manipulative, Ware
Role, Clone, Mecha Pilot, Prisoner
Engages in, Fighting
Visual novelsSide character - Sunrider: Liberation Day


Lynn was one of the many Prototypes that fought at the Second Battle of Helion and was ultimately overpowered and defeated by the awakened Sharr of Ryuvia, Asaga di Ryuvia. Out of all her "sisters", Lynn was the only Prototype to survive Asaga's wrath and was soon after taken captive by the Sunrider for interrogation, where she proceeded to begin sowing the seeds of distrust among the crew.