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AliasesPrototype 4L1C3
Hair, Slicked Back, Violet
Eyes, Grey
Body, Average Height, Pale, Scar
Clothes, Military Uniform
Items, Sword
Personality, Antisocial, Misanthrope, Ware
Role, Antagonist, Clone, Mecha Pilot, Villain
Engages in, Fighting
Subject of
Visual novelsSide character - Sunrider: Liberation Day


Enigmatic, serious and driven, Alice was the first Prototype whom the original Arcadius allowed into PACT's ranks after she ended up stranded in PACT space escaping from Diode during the events of the Diode Catastrophe, six years prior to the Alliance-PACT War.

She identified herself as being the Prototype who was responsible for taking up Arcadius' name, yet also denotes that she was simply the "last" person to claim it, showing she does not consider the other Prototypes who serve as "Arcadius" to be more then extensions of herself.