Inugami Yukito

犬上 勇稀人

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Inugami Yukito犬上 勇稀人 
AliasesYukki (Takizawa Mana)
Hair, Brown, Short, Spiky
Body, Teen
Personality, Honest, Honorable, Proactive
Visual novelsProtagonist - Saint Estella Gakuin no Shichinin no Majo


An orphan who lost his parents to a conflagaration when he was an infant, he is invited to enrol at Saint Estella Academy at the invitation of the school director Maya Kisashi. He assents as he's motivated by the knowledge that the school director knew of his mother when she was alive and hopes the director will share what she knows after he becomes a student.

<hidden by spoiler settings> His mother Shizumori Ayano (静守 綾乃) was not able to bear children but her wish was granted by Shirase after she graduated allowing Yukito to be born at the cost of her life and existence. In addition Yukito's grandfather Masao (正雄) was both a retainer to the Maya sisters when alive and a descendant of the "sealers" (閉じる者) whose bloodline allows them both to remove the powers of witches through continuous sex under specific circumstances and remain completely unaffected by the supernatural powers of the witches. For this reason the school director invites Yukito to enrol at the academy hoping he will make contact with Shirase.